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Trend Alert: The Modern Galley Kitchen

Kitchens with open floor plans have dominated home design for the past decade. Not just in new construction but in existing home remodels as well. As a result, kitchens spaces have gotten larger and have become a central hub of family living. But what about the traditional galley kitchen?

A galley kitchen is characterized by it’s layout: cabinets, counters and appliances in straight lines that face each other. These were popular in older homes when there was a more formal separation between cooking and entertaining space. Galley kitchens also work well in apartments and smaller homes due to their space efficient design. However, they can also work well in larger spaces by providing the streamlined look many desire…and today’s galley kitchens are both incredibly stylish and functional. Another trend is a swing back towards having some separation between cooking and entertaining space as some people are looking for a more formal way of life.

So before you decide on an expensive remodel of your existing galley kitchen to an open layout, embrace this classic design and consider a makeover instead. Let’s take a look at some of the details that can give your galley kitchen an updated gorgeous look!


Adding lighter colors to a galley kitchen will make it feel open, airy and bright. Between wall paint, countertops and backsplash go for lighter neutral colors. Here the light grey quartz counters provide an elegant look.

Opt for sleek countertops with high-gloss finishes which will better reflect light. Doors and drawers with clean lines and simple hardware (like pull bars) provide an enhanced sense of space and depth in an otherwise enclosed space.

With galley kitchen designs the options are open to your style preferences. An “even look” galley kitchen with both walls mirroring each other will increase storage space but could create a congested feel. Consider a non-symmetrical layout with floating shelves on one wall, which will allow a more open and airy feel while providing easy access to everyday kitchen items.

Source: Miguel Edwards

If you desire a more open feel to your galley kitchen consider opening up one wall and creating a pass-through to the adjoining room. This will create a more open and bright space and create socializing opportunities with stools on the opposite side of the counter.

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