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Product News: Vinotemp WineSteward and Private Reserve

Vinotemp, a leading company in architectural wine storage and cooling solutions, released two new products worth toasting.

The first is WineSteward, a wine dispensing system that features the ability to store, cool, preserve and dispense wine from four bottles.  Designed to function on a high end commercial level, the system is small enough to place on a countertop or install as a built-in within your kitchen cabinetry. Unlike competitors, Vinotemp also uses a proprietary cooling and dispensing technology that is compressor based—meaning it can better maintain a stable internal temperature when your cooking.  The units preservation system replaces oxygen with argon or nitrogen gas which allows each bottle to maintain freshness for up to 45 days after opened. So if you like the idea of having a couple of reds and whites always at the ready, then this is the right appliance for you.

They also launched their Private Reserve Series Wine Cooler designed and engineered to add a new level of wine storage functionality and style to any kitchen design. This model includes a variety of patent pending features, including stainless steel gliding racks that cradle bottles so the labels of the wine being stored are front facing—an industry first! Imagine that…being able to see what wines you have from a distance.

The first two wine coolers offered in the Private Reserve Series are the Private Reserve Series 188-Bottle Wine Cooler and the Private Reserve Series 168-Bottle Wine Cooler. In addition to the unique label facing wine racking the coolers also offer backlit interior lighting, vibration damping design, easy installation for built-in or freestanding, and an adjustable 23-degree temperature range (41-64°F). 

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