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Product News: Effegibi’s Newest Spa Collections

Effegibi presents three new collections for late 2018 that are focused on relaxation and rejuvenation.

WATER DREAM is a bathtub designed by Giovanna Talocci and Marco Pallocca, born to create a complementary product to enhance the wellbeing experience and that is also ideal for domestic settings. The mini pool, with its clean essential lines, has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use. One of the sides is a handy shelf and has a panel which opens and gives access to the utility space. The shelf features a lit-up border that can be personalised with different finishes. A light fitted to the inside wall illuminates the movement of the water gushing out from the centre of the mini pool creating a gently relaxing effect. Just like all company products, WATERDREAM represents the best technology in the industry in order to offer the highest quality and performance. It is made in just one size, 208x208cm.

YOKU is a modular sauna designed by Marco Williams Fagioli (Zup design). The inspiration behind its name is a particular branch of Japanese natural medicine based on the beneficial effects of contact with plants and the woodland atmosphere. YOKU’s essential, well-balanced minimalist design is also warm, welcoming and natural. The heater is built into the lowest bench thus displaying an uncluttered, linear effect. The large glass panel at the front features vertical elements in natural wood on the outside, which make the space inside more private and provide shelving that is open to the external environment. YOKU is available in three different types of wood: heat-treated aspen, heat-treated solid wood and Canaletto walnut in sizes 230 x 200cm, 202 x 180cm, 174 x 170cm and 174 x 132cm.


FITBOX is the new Hammam box designed by Giovanna Talocci and Marco Pallocca. The project is a perfect example of the winning Effegibi concept leading to the creation of wellbeing products with professional performance but with features and sizes that are also suitable for home environments. FITBOX combines a Hammam with a shower that fits into a contained space with plenty of options for personalisation. An aluminium frame with uncluttered lines surrounds fixed panels in clear 8mm thick glass, also supporting the ceiling in opaline glass that lets the light through but seals in the steam produced by the Effegibi generator. The flexibility of the frame enables a great many options for personalisation of the size and shape of the opening. FITBOX can be fitted to both traditional-style shower trays and flush with the floor, in the latter case getting rid of the architectural barrier when entering the shower. These features make FITBOX perfectly adaptable to any needs in the home or hospitality sector, in terms of style, practicality and size. FITBOX is available in two standard sizes, 120x80cm and 140×90 cm (h210) and it can also be made-to-measure.

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