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PRODUCT NEWS: Atlas Concorde Introduces New Tile

Italian porcelain floor and wall tile maker Atlas Concorde unveiled its newest products. We took notice of the new collection as it features porcelain ceramics that expertly mimic natural surfaces such as oak, antiqued wood, marble and even concrete. Let’s take a look!

The Arbor collection recalls the timeless charm of oak in its most original characteristics, thanks to a painstaking care for details. Playing the starring role of contemporary architecture, wood effect ceramic is becoming increasingly realistic in its appearance. With its natural and characterized surface, Arbor represents the essence of oak wood in all its spontaneous authenticity and proves to be the ideal solution in multiple residential and commercial contexts.

Boost, the new collection of porcelain floor tiles and white-body wall tiles that redesigns the concept of a “concrete effect”.

This type of surface, which has always been valued by contemporary architecture, above all for urban redevelopment, has evolved into more intense and welcoming colors and shades that are ideal for interior designs in any residential or commercial setting, even outside the city.

There’s a new star in the world of stone-effect ceramics: Klif by Atlas Concorde, the collection of porcelain floor tiles and white-body wall tiles inspired by beola, the gray stone from Val d’Ossola.

Today contemporary architecture turns to nature, takes inspiration from it and goes further, making it an integral part of the environment. Klif responds to these new trends by offering a choice of character for residential and commercial settings.

Marvel Edge is Atlas Concorde’s new collection of porcelain floor tiles and coordinated wall tiles inspired by a selection of prestigious marbles.

The timeless allure of the marble effect, which has always adorned residential, commercial, and contemporary hospitality interiors, is now enriched with Marvel Edge and its original colors and warm tones, suitable for designing welcoming spaces.

In its latest interpretation of wood effect porcelain tiles Altlas Concorde presents Nash is a collection inspired by aged wood that has been marked and transformed by time, with a worn appearance that is concurrently trendy.

Thanks to its marked appearance of reclaimed wood and to the contemporary interpretation that distinguishes the offering, this range is ideal for application in residential and commercial contexts to create a balanced mixture of authenticity and design, memory and innovation.

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