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IDEA FILE: Tips for a Spring Bathroom Refresh

IDEA FILE: Tips for a Spring Bathroom Refresh

What better time for a bathroom design refresh than spring! While you may not be ready for a full bathroom remodel there are many ways you can add impactful design upgrades to fit your budget. First off, by not changing the bathroom layout (or adding square footage) you’d be surprised how you can keep costs down while still making some pretty major changes.

Let’s review a few bathroom upgrade options to help you decide what to prioritize (or hold off on) and give your bathroom a spring refresh that work for your space and budget.

Add some color. If your bathroom is primarily neutral palette, you may want to add dashes of color. At the low end of the budget scale you could add colorful new linens or bathmats to provide a much needed lift. If space permits add a color coordinated bathroom ottoman or storage piece.

For a larger investment bring in color by tiling the walls in a design that pops, like mosaic.

You could also upgrade your flooring with unique tile shapes like diamonds or chevron. Retiling is definitely one of the costlier items of a bathroom remodel, but it can have a huge impact, especially if your current tile is on the dated side.

Update the shower. At the lower end of the budget scale consider a new shower head or bathtub faucet. If you can splurge a bit on a fancier shower head it will not only provide a new fresh look, but also improve your everyday bathing experience!

Like the wall and/or floor you can also update your plain ordinary shower tile with a natural stone wall or patterned tile.

Lastly, refresh the vanity. As the focal point of a bathroom, updating the vanity can change the entire feel of the room. If you vanity is decent shape you can repaint it and add new hardware.

If you budget allows, upgrading the countertop will have a huge impact. Go with a durable neutral quartz countertop with a fashion forward pattern or veining.

If you still have money left in the budget consider a statement light fixture and round out your space with additional accessories such as artwork and plants.

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