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IDEA FILE: Glass Mosaics in the Bathroom

In today’s bathroom designs, many prefer neutral colors and earth tones to create a serene “spa like” atmosphere. But how to achieve that effect while also indulging your artistic side and adding your unique personality to the room? The integration of glass mosaic tile into your design is a great option.

Glass mosaic tiles provide a great opportunity to integrate pops of color in your bathroom. Whether opaque or translucent, glass mosaics catch and reflect light in unique ways which can brighten up a room. They work particularly well in bathrooms where they balance well with natural surfaces such as stone, ceramic and wood.

Demand and manufacturing improvements have provided countless options for color, shape and surface texture in glass mosaics, which allows them to be used anywhere in the bathroom and fit into virtually any style whether classic, retro or modern. Create unique accents and style effects with just limited use of glass tiles and really put your own stamp on the room! Let’s take a look at a few examples of how to integrate glass mosaic tile into your bathroom design:

Source: Inspired Interiors

Consider featuring colorful glass mosaic tiles on one wall of the shower. Here, the rust/gold tile wall provides an eye catching contrast to the remaining neutral tiled walls.

Glass mosaics also work great for accent walls in the main bathroom. Here, the grey and white glass tile wall provides a striking focal point of the room. Again, a glass tile accent wall works best when in contrast with a lighter, calmer color throughout the rest of the space.

Glass mosaic tiles can make a beautiful bathroom backsplash that injects color and contrast into the room. Here, a bold blue pattern mimicking sea waves provides a creative point of interest.

While not all glass tiles are suitable for use on a floor surface, many are! In a larger bathroom with a neutral tile floor consider using brightly colored glass mosaic tiles to create a floor pattern or “rug” in front of the tub or shower.

Source: Ramcom Kitchen & Bath
Every shower needs storage. Why not use mosaic glass tile to make your recessed shower niche both functional and beautiful? Here the glass tile provides a sleek accent to this shower.

One of the most popular uses of glass mosaics in the bathroom is as a border around the edge of a floor or along the top or middle of bath tiling. When designing a border be thoughtful about the width of the border and shape of the space. The goal is to visually break up an area without looking jarring to the eye.

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