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Idea File: Fireplace Makeover

As we brave these cold winter nights, nothing is better than a cozying up to a roaring fire for ambiance and warmth. Your fireplace is typically the centerpiece of the room, but does it reflect the current look and style direction? A makeover to your fireplace can help transform an entire room and complement the rest of your home décor.

Whether you decide on just a facelift or a full fireplace renovation, let’s look at a few of the most common fireplace upgrade opportunities. Also check out our Fireplace Pinterest board for further inspiration!

Paint Your Brick Fireplace Surround

If the exposed brick look of your fireplace is looking old and tired, consider painting it a color that better matches the room’s décor and style of your home. A whitewashed brick surround is a classic look, or a darker color could be a more dramatic choice?

Fireplace Mantel Makeover

A fireplace mantel is an architectural anchor as well as a functional shelf on which you can further accentuate your personality and design style. Consider changing the color/finish of your existing wood mantel to better fit your décor. Also utilize the shelf space to display decorative items such as candles, framed photos, artwork or mirrors. With a larger budget you could also consider adding a new mantel. You can go with ornate or simple, depending on your existing home design style.

Makeover the Hearth

Traditionally built to catch ashes from the fire, hearths have become much more of a design element. Consider upgrading your fireplace hearth with a new material. You can go with rustic stone, tile, granite, marble or quartz. Also consider enlarging your hearth area to add more of a contrasting base with the room’s existing flooring.

The hearth is essentially the floor of the fireplace. It was traditionally inbuilt to catch any ashes from the fire and protect your floor. Since fireplace design has become much cleaner and efficient, hearths are now a design element. They are often made of stone. But you can get creative and use tile, granite, marble, and quartz. They add more size to the fireplace and add a contrasting base to the room’s floor area.

Why is it that the mantel always gets all the attention? Sure, it flaunts the grand shelf, the carved legs-it’s the frame around the flames. But mantels come and go. It’s the hearth that’s always been there, an ornate buffer between the fire and the shag rug.

Consider jazzing things up with some colorful new tiles. You can change the whole look of a fireplace-and the room-in one or two weekends.

Try Slate

Slate is a fine rock made up of other rocks, such as quartz and granite, which gives it a unique and stunning look that is ideal for fireplace surrounds. Slate is having a style renaissance now and is becoming more popular for its strength in contemporary home décor. Slate can be worked into sharp, clean lines to create minimal and unusual shapes with a sleek and modern feel. The last emergence of slate fireplaces was during the Victorian era when slate was a luxury material used for creating fireplace surrounds. This style is still popular today for period style homes and people hoping to add a bit of elegant and antiquated charm to their living space. When it comes to slate fireplace surrounds, it’s a choice between contemporary smooth or rough and rustic.

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