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Fantini Launches Five New Collections

Fantini Launches Five New Collections

Boffi + Fantini announced the newest collections under the Aboutwater brand, AA/27.

This is the first collaboration with internationally-renowned designer Michael Anastassiades, who is known for his unexpected and innovative designs. AA/27 is a faucet composed of two distinct elements: handle and spout, combined together by a third, horizontal cylindrical element.

Dimensions, thickness and volumes of the different fittings each play a role to present one harmoniously proportioned design. The suspended spout does not touch the surface it is mounted on, showing a technical aspect that is at the same time, beautiful in its aesthetic.

An additional collaboration between the two brands, AK/25, is designed by Paik Sun Kim. This project focuses on pure lines, standing out for its unique innovation and method of water flow.

Functionality, durability and comfort are the priorities of the Icona collection, their first collaboration with internationally-renowned Belgian architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen. The contemporary collection features elegant fixtures and controls that interpret timeless designs with a subtle and refined interplay of proportions.

Icona offers two versions, Icona Classic and Icona Deco.

According to Van Duysen, the collection is “a kind of ‘pass-key,’ with a small touch of memory, but not too extreme, still very contemporary and modern, with attention devoted to ergonomics and endowed with a certain sensuality.”

Icona Classic a graceful, arched design accompanied by low-profile cross handles.

Icona Deco lever-shaped controls are essential, linear and rounded at the same time.

Characterized by a beautiful palette of colors, Nice joins designers Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez’s well-established portfolio for Fantini, which includes the Venezia and Lamé collections. Combining pops of color with translucent elements, Nice creates surprising optical effects and a wonderful sensory experience. The project is an energetic exploration of color and material, exhibited through the sensual, elegant and refined lines for which the designers are known.

In the words of the designers, Nice is “An homage to the essence of water and its beauty: transparent, fresh, and colorful.”

Their second collection emphasizes style, tradition, elegance, refinement, luxury and high-end glass craftsmanship. The Venezia collection is available in three versions, with various forms such as metal and blue, white, red or back colored Murano glass, and two newer styles including transparent crystal, and lever-shaped handles. All variations of Venezia evoke luxury through stately, geometric forms.

The first of the new handles takes the form of a transparent glass disc, solid but with faceted edges that allow a glimpse of the serigraphy on the base for a surprising three-dimensional effect.

The second new control option is a tapered, horizontal form. This modern interpretation of a classic lever handle is available in black or chromed metal, well-suited to both contemporary and conservative tastes.

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