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Dada Kitchens Highlights Five Must Have Accessories

Dada, the Italian maker of designer kitchens, understands the importance of creating a thoughtfully designed kitchen experience that also highly functional. They achieve that desired balance of convenience and design sophistication by incorporating the right kitchen accessories into their customized interiors. Here are five standouts that bring a little Italian know-how to the home grown culinary space.

Trolley On Wheels

The trolley on wheels, as seen in the Dada VVD Kitchen features an aluminum structure, wood-fixed container and two extractable trays (available in different finishes). The VVD trolley is made for convenience as it can be easily stored under counters or freely in the space.

Standing Cutting Board

Also known as the Ceppo trolley (seen in the Vela Kitchen) is a standing cutting board that provides the home chef with an additional working surface. It features a steel frame to ensure stability and a lightweight yet solid oak chopping board, making it easily adaptable to the needs of daily activities and all types of home furnishing solutions.

Three-Tiered Washing Station

A multi-functional washing station, featured in the Trim kitchen, meets the needs of people who love to be in the kitchen. With three different levels and three functional spaces, users have easy access to a cutting board, a washing area and a drip area.

Floating Worktop

This floating worktop elevates a traditional kitchen countertop to a new level of style and convenience. Also known as the Snack Office, this accessory has a laminated surface and teak trays, which allow it to be positioned on a counter or suspended between two columns. This can be seen in the InDada kitchen.

Eco Kits

Dada offers different solutions for design and capacity with its Eco Kits, that provide order, cleanliness and functionality.

Features include:

  • Full height kits for hinged doors and for pull-out doors
  • Kits for drawers/pan drawers
  • Lids with odor-free filters positioned on the bins for manual opening, or with automatic opening and closing system

For more Dada systems, check out their website:

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