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Back to the Basics: Brand Look & Feel

When you think about your brand, what comes to mind? Your company logo? Your company colors and font style? Specific imagery?

Those things certainly are aspects of your branding, but brand look and feel go beyond those guidelines. Branding done right delivers an experience that not only includes company identity but marries it with value, personality, and a unique selling point.

Typically, a customer’s first impression of your brand will occur online. Whether they are typing a search into Google or browsing Instagram for a product, if they come across your website or social profile – that’s your opportunity to leave a lasting impression that will lead them to follow, engage and purchase.

So what should you consider for your brand look and feel?

Start with Visual Brand Consistency

We’ll quickly cover the importance of brand look before we stress the ‘feel’ part.

Having a set of brand guidelines that detail the typography, brand colors and logo, as well as supporting brand assets will be helpful in keeping you ‘on brand’ when creating new graphics for advertising campaigns, web content, or social media. This is especially helpful when you are engaging a graphic designer or marketing agency.

Sticking to your brand standards and distinctive elements, particularly over time, will ensure your brand not only looks professional but is also easily recognizable. Failing to do so dilutes the quality of your image and confuses customers.

If you don’t nail down your brand visuals and practice consistency, it will be hard to be successful with the other aspects of your branding.

Cutting Edge Countertops Instagram profile

Frame Your Position & Voice

Take a little time to look at some of your favorite brands on social media – make note of their imagery and captions. Our guess is that they have a common thread woven through all of their content. Beyond the cohesive photos, you might recognize they have a specific tone.

Now think about your brand and what feels authentic for you and the industry you’re in. Having a consistent voice will portray the characteristics and personality of your company. Is your brand educational, reliable, funny, bold, honest, quirky, masterful?

Your brand positioning should convey your company values and set expectations for what customers should anticipate when doing business with you. This is how you covey your story – and not just your products – but the spirit of your brand and how it’s unique and relatable.

Why should I care about my branding?

The look of your brand does carry a level of importance, but we like to stress the ‘feel’ of your brand. People may be attracted to your brand image but ultimately, it’s the experience they have with your company that determines whether they will be a returning customer and refer others to your business.

Your brand look and feel should carry through all of your marketing activities from phone interactions and email communications to social media posts and advertising campaigns.

If you can make your brand stand out, even in a market full of competitors, it becomes easier to connect with potential clients and convert lifetime customers.

Rio Grande Co web homepage

Consider Professional Marketing Consulting

In summary, a strong brand consists of two things – consistently following a set of rules that define your company’s visual identity and then building your brand story around your mission and values in a way that connects with your target audience. Your goal is to communicate, visually and expressively, who your company is and why you’re worth doing business with.

Whether you’re starting a new business, have been running a small business for a while, or manage multiple businesses that aren’t aligned, Marqet Group can help. If you feel like your branding could use some work, our team would love to have a conversation to determine areas of opportunity to help push your company to the next level.

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