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BACA Systems Adds Marqet Group as Marketing Partner

DETROIT, MICH. (August 6, 2017) – BACA Systems, the leader in robotic stone cutting process automation in North America, announced their collaboration with Marqet Group to expand their fabricator outreach and further connect with the stone surfacing industry. This announcement came shortly after KUKA Robotics, a world leader in robotic technology, recognized them with their System Partner of the Year award.

Located just of outside Detroit, in the automation capital of the North America, BACA Systems initially launched their Robo SawJet in 2014. The Robo SawJet is a reliable, high-production dual table cutting system which yields up to a 70% reduction in labor costs and 20% material optimization. Powered by KUKA, the Robo SawJet is waterproof and dustproof — making it highly reliable and maintenance proof for the harsh environment of stone manufacturing.

“In today’s market, our fabrication customers are looking for the best ways to optimize their production facilities to remain competitive.” Chuck Russo, founder of BACA Systems, commented. “Our goal is to continue growing our outreach and further educate the North American fabricators on how they can grow their business, increase profitability, and improve safety standards,” he added.

BACA Systems will host regional fabrication seminars across most metropolitan markets of the United States between the last quarter of 2017 and through 2018, when Canadian markets will also be included. During these seminars, BACA Systems will educate stone fabricators on business awareness by providing valuable workshops on how to increase sales and profitability. The workshops include topics such as digitalization, shop optimization, use of modern technology, and marketing strategies to increase sales.

Founded by Lorenzo Marquez, a 15-year veteran in the stone business, Marqet Group is a full-service marketing agency predominantly dedicated to the surfacing and building industry. Marqet Group’s client base is largely comprised of independent fabrication businesses and focuses on increasing market share through comprehensive marketing programs. Marqet Group serves as the agency of record for the Rockheads Group, and many of its members, now including BACA Systems.

“Our alignment with BACA Systems is a natural fit for our agency,” Marquez noted. “We are proactively working with key surface industry players, most of which already have BACA Systems solutions as part of their operations.” Marqet Group will support BACA Systems’ marketing efforts in North America, coordinating their programs, events, communications, partnerships and industry relations.

The first of many seminars will take place in Seattle, Wash., on August 24 at Granite and Marble Specialties. “Our business model is deeply rooted in adding value and building relationships with our fabrication customers, that is why they are willing to open their doors and allow other fabricators to come in and see what our systems can do,” Russo added. “Utilizing our resources and industry partners will help us continue to foster more relationships and prepare for the growth ahead as our technology partners continue to expand,” he concluded.


About BACA Systems
BACA Systems, located in Orion Township, MI, develops innovative fabrication solutions for the surfacing industry, and is the leader in Robotic SawJet technology. BACA’s team of dedicated professionals are experts in system integration, waterjet technology, and countertop fabrication, having assisted thousands of companies in bettering their operations with the use of modern technology. Their experience includes the implementation of more than 5,000 robots in the last 30 years in industries including the aerospace, appliance, automotive, construction, marine, and plastics sectors. BACA’s mission is to work with stone fabricators in developing solutions that contribute to higher productivity, increased profits, and a safer workplace. For more information visit

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