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Arclinea Updates Italia: The Professional Kitchen

The professional kitchen

Back in 1988, Arclinea introduced oduct symbolizing a new concept was Italia by Antonio Citterio, which borrowed the materials, methods and uses of professional equipment. The aesthetics were all new, thanks to inalterable steel and its resistance to water and flame, technically worked with the precision required for optimum functional performance. The worktops are deeper and organized for preparation and cooking, with dedicated double sinks for food and clean up, providing the right work tools for maximum quality results.

The professional kitchen now includes new products and has seen the addition of further technical solutions, better-performing equipment and more sophisticated finishes.

The Italia project includes double islands, accessorized wall, and Isola hood with glass border and double shelf. The design approach meets today’s needs and embraces careful study of changing needs, with new attention paid to details, finishes and materials: recessed worktops in stainless steel and central accessorized channel, hob with pan supports in cast iron, and built-in waste bin. Wooden chopping boards and grids in paperstone that slide to provide extra work space when and where necessary.

Below the worktops on the cooking islands is an exclusive new internal drawers, in teak and stainless steel, for optimizing space to hold utensils, accessories, pots and pans. A wide range of solutions and possible internal layouts is available, starting with optimum positioning of roll holders (film, aluminium), spice rack, jars with ceramic lids, multi-purpose chopping boards, bread and cheese boards, knife holders, scales and plate holders.

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