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8 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tips For A Better ROI

Tired of asking your nieces and nephews and millennial friends for social media tips? You have come to the right place. At Marqet Group, we have gathered some of our client’s most frequently asked questions and mistakes to bring to you our top social media marketing tips.

1. Engagement

In order to keep up with the booming social media world, you need to be engaged! Make connections with your customers/followers and respond to comments, follow people and places in your local area, and comment on their posts. Do this for at least 10-15 min a day to keep your social presence alive. Trust us, your comment will be seen by others and it will gain attention so be mindful of what you post. Good social etiquette is to respond to every comment you get on your post. Comment actual meaningful sentences of 4+ more words and not just random emojis. This will show that you/your company actually cares.

2. Consistency

Be active! Post as much as you can! Daily posts and stories are ideal but we know its not always feasible. Try to post at least 3-4 times a week. Once a week doesn’t really cut it these days if you want to be visible to your audiences. When you are consistent you will see results. Besides, people don’t want to follow an inactive account.

3. Quantity VS Quality

We know posting daily is the goal, but don’t just post to get something out there. Post good quality and meaningful posts and images. Your posts should be planned out to cover important events, promotions, and details of your business. Need help planning? We have a great social team that can accomplish this for you!

4. Placement

Do you have several different social platforms for yourself or company? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest… Great! Do you post the same post to all of your platforms? This is not so great! How boring would it be to follow you/your company on multiple platforms and see the same post on all of your timelines? We know what you’re thinking… “What if not all of my followers have an Instagram”? This may be true, but don’t be a newbie and post the same thing everywhere. Each platform is uniquely made for its own unique content and different audiences. Let us break it down for you.

Social Media Platform Breakdown

  • Facebook: Facebook is a melting pot of posts. Generally speaking, all different types of posts are good for FB, including photos, videos, links, shared posts, etc.
  • Instagram: Think of Instagram as your portfolio. Develop your theme/aesthetic and publish your best images/video content. Links aren’t clickable in your captions so it’s best practice not to include them there, but better in your bio, if needed. Include relevant hashtags so new followers can find your content.
  • Twitter: Twitter only allows for 280 characters, which means tweets are meant to be short and sweet! Keep your post condensed with only 2-3 hashtags max.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the network for professionals, stick to business announcements and achievements on this platform.
  • Pinterest: The land of images, Pinterest is where people go for all things inspiration. Keep your boards organized and filled with beautiful imagery that links back to your website.

5. Imagery

Images are everything. We cannot stress this enough! You can have a good caption but half the time people won’t read it. Attention spans are short and you basically have 3 seconds to get someone’s attention. Invest in a good camera or simply an iPhone+ and use the portrait mode setting. High-quality edited photos are the key!

6. Hashtags

Hashtags (or the pound symbol in front of words) are like keywords.

Instagram allows for 30 hashtags to be used per post. It is best to use all 30 or close to 30. If you go over the 30 hashtag limit, the caption won’t post and it will show up blank. These need to be relevant to your post/business. Some important things to tag would be the industry, location, relative items within your image, and your target audience. On Instagram, you can also follow hashtags. This is good to do so you can easily engage with the audience that is active in your target space.

For Twitter, FB, and LinkedIn, it is best to keep hashtags to a minimum and tag words that are within the text of your post. We recommend no more than 4 hashtags per post for these platforms.

7. Bots

Have you ever posted to Instagram and then received 5 likes from random accounts within seconds of your published post? These are bots.

Instagram has a big bot and fake follower problem. These accounts will follow and unfollow you automatically and comment on your photos with pre-programmed messages run through a robot. How are they finding you? Through hashtags. Most of the time the comment doesn’t make sense to what you posted because it is a canned response or it is a comment for you to check out their page to get featured. Don’t engage with them. Just delete their comments/mark them as spam.

8. Fake VS Real

We can’t stress this enough, DO NOT BUY FOLLOWERS, these are fake accounts. Nothing is more embarrassing than seeing an account with 50k followers and they only get 12 likes on a post. There are several things that buying fake followers affect.

  • Hurts your ROI: You want to spend money to have customers walk through your store’s doors/purchase your product right? If your audience isn’t specific and targeted, you’re throwing money away on people that won’t convert to a customer.
  • Hurts your Analytics: Your numbers will be greatly affected, and will not reflect accurate results.
  • Low Engagement: Your engagement numbers will always be low due to the high number of fake followers. Because these accounts aren’t real people or aren’t interested in your product or service, they are not likely to like/engage with your content.
  • Termination of Account: Buying fake followers can have your account deleted by Instagram since it’s against their terms and conditions.

At  Marqet Group, we are here to help you succeed in your social media and digital marketing efforts. We do the right things for the right reasons, which turns into real results. For help in all of your digital media aspects give us a call today.

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