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3 Ways to Stay Engaged With Your Customers Online

As storefronts and showrooms have closed related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many business owners have found themselves seeking different ways to stay connected to their customers, both existing and potential. While office numbers ring, customer service email inboxes overflow and support teams are now working remotely, communication channels have inevitably begun to shift. The pressure to be responsive has increased for some essential businesses and customers are seeking the most timely updates.

Here are three communication channels you should consider taking advantage of to keep customers apprised as you navigate the rapidly changing business conditions surrounding the Coronavirus.

Your Website

In its truest form, your website should be an evergreen resource for visitors. It isn’t enough to have a website with contact information and content that hasn’t been updated since you launched. Now is the time to invest in ensuring your website can act as a digital showroom; a space that provides useful information, answers the most typical customer questions and really gets at the essence of your business.

Your website should grow with your business and can dually serve as a tool to your internal team if you’re doing it right. It’s also the key to earning rankings among competitors as online search is typically the first part of the journey to purchase.

At the very least, be sure to update your hours of operation, changes in contact information, and any pertinent details that relate to accessibility and delivery during the current situation. Learn more about your potential digital ROI.


Online Chat

If you have the right people on your team to support a live chat feature on your website, it’s an affordable and great way to be available to customers digitally when you may not be able to be in a physical manner. It provides immediate communication, something people highly value in this day and age.

Social Media

Social media channels are known for being the outlet for the most up-to-the-minute information. If your business dabbles in Facebook or Instagram but isn’t consistently posting or engaging on these platforms, you could be missing out on a segment of potential growth. Because social media tends to be more relational and relaxed, there is an opportunity to stay relevant by providing inspiration, disrupting the mundane and showcasing some personality.

Amid all the current uncertainty, customers are seeking ways to escape, plan, engage, and connect beyond the boundaries of life in quarantine. However, don’t add to the endless scroll by posting for the sake of posting. Be thoughtful in the way you choose to position your company and don’t be afraid to let in a little emotion.

Google My Business

Having ownership over your business’ listing on Google and keeping it updated and optimized is probably the least time-intensive thing you can do from a digital standpoint to benefit your business. This directory can be so much more than a static listing. Adjusting hours, providing quick weekly updates and being responsive to customer reviews can go a long way in appearing present to your customers.

If you take it a step further and enhance your listing to its fullest potential, your company could gain greater visibility among competitors in keyword and map search results, as well as see an uptick in actions like website clicks, calls or requests for directions.

Digital Marketing Expertise

Many of our clients have taken this time to be agile in adjusting to both the needs of their businesses and the expectations of their customers. It’s important to evaluate the things your company is doing, as well as the things you’re not, and take note of where opportunities may lie outside of your typical marketing outlets.

If you find yourself scratching your head on where to start, reach out to us. At Marqet Group, we aim to help you discover, develop and deploy successful marketing activities that turn into real results to your bottom line.

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